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Wanton Mee

Documentaries, 2016, 70 minutes
Wanton Mee
As a cynical food critic resists the changes at his newspaper, a video camera enables him to collect the untold stories of several food stall owners.
The documentaries Wanton Mee was released in 2016 and lasts 70 minutes. Suitable for most, but Parental Guidance suggested. This documentaries is Heartfelt.

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Score: 7.8 of the 10

Chun Feng Koh, a middle-aged food critic whose career is starting to wear him out, decides to explore his life and the development of Singapore through the local food. His patience is tested by the fact that the newspaper he works for is jumping on the digital bandwagon. However, the camcorder his company give him to supplement his reviews with visuals proves to be a blessing in disguise. Koh begins to take the camcorder with him to local food stalls and amasses the stall owners' stories. Hidden within them is the history of how their Singaporean dishes were created.

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