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Berlin 2024: Spaceman movie review – Netflix sci-fi drama starring Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan and Paul Dano squanders its potential

Spaceman stars Adam Sandler as an astronaut who has spent six months in space and starts to project his fears and isolation into a spider-like creature The film has its moments but director Johan ...
Date: February 21, 2024 22:15  |  Read more on South China Morning Post on MSN

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Inspired by the classic Brothers Grimm stories, this anthology features six fairy tales with a dark twist, exposing the shadowy side of human desire.
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Confused about her future, a high schooler makes a wish on a shooting star and gets advice from an unexpected time traveler — her mom as a '90s teenager.
Good Times
In this edgy, irreverent reimagining of the TV classic, a new generation of the Evans family keeps their heads above water in a Chicago housing project.
A young woman from Sweden's Indigenous Sámi community tracks down a killer to settle a personal score in this emotional drama inspired by real events.